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Irrigation Engines

As the preferred energy source on the farm, propane is helping agricultural producers efficiently power their irrigation pumps. PERC works with a number of engine manufacturers to make sure that farmers have a choice of certified propane irrigation engines for their operations.

Irrigation Engine Power Equipment:
- Anderson Industrial Engines
Buck's Engines
- California Clean Air Technology
- Don Hardy Engines

- Engine Distributors Inc. (EDI)
- Husker Power Products
- Industrial Irrigation
- Origin Engines
- Power Solutions Inc. (PSI)
- Kem Equipment, Inc.
- Western Power Products
- Engines, Inc.
- SRC Power Systems



Grain Dryers

Propane-fueled grain dyers help farmers safely store their crop so they can sell when the market is right. PERC has partnered with GSI and Mathews Co., two of the largest grain storage system manufacturers in the world, to bring new, more efficient grain dryers to market.

Grain Dryer Equipment:
- GSI X-Stream grain dryer.
- Mathews Co. Trilogy Series grain dryer.
- Matthews 10' Diameter Tower Series

Ag Heater

PERC has partnered with heater manufacturer L.B. White to develop a more efficient propane-fueled heating system for swine confinement buildings. This new heater uses variable-rate technology with electronic controls to increase cost savings and improve animal productivity and health.

Agriculture Heating Equipment:
- L.B. White swine heater.